Extension Projects coordinated by PPGCI professors.

Cristian Berrío-Zapata  
2018 - Current  
Tatuoca magnetic observatory archive: preservation and digitization of the physical record generated between 1957 and 2007 (Phase I).  
Funded by: Federal University of Pará - Scholarship / National Observatory - Other

Danielly Oliveira Inomata  
2021 - Present  
Biblio-what? Podcast: dissemination of knowledge about Librarianship to society.

2019 - Current  
Information professionals in new spaces of performance: Approximations between University and Industry (PACE 210/2019-1).

Information professionals in new performance spaces: Approximations between the University and Industry (PIBEX 041/2019).

Hamilton Vieira de Oliveira  
2021 - Present  
Receiving and Safeguarding, by the Federal University of Pará, the bibliographical, documental and multimedia collections of Professors Benedito and Maria Sylvia Nunes.

Iane Maria da Silva Batista
2022 - Present
Spreading archives: revealing memories and telling stories (Phase 2).
Funded by: Pró-reitoria de Extensão - UFPA - Scholarship.

2019 - Present
Heritage Education in Archives and Collections.
Funded by: Universidade Federal do Pará - Scholarship.

Tânia Chalhub de Oliveira

2022 - Present
Bilingual Repository for Deaf Education: mechanisms for inclusion.

Vinicius Augusto Carvalho de Abreu  
2021 - Present  
Archive of the Tatuoca Magnetic Observatory: digitization and computation of physical record data.