Area of Concentration "Information Management and Knowledge Organization
Information is understood as a strategic resource for the design and improvement of processes, products and services in the cultural, educational, economic and social contexts. It aims at conducting studies and research on the organization, mediation, and use of information and knowledge in order to meet the informational needs of individual and collective agents.

Research Interests: Mediation and Use of Information
Mediation is understood as an action of interference performed by information professionals, in order to promote the appropriation and use of information by social subjects in areas such as education, culture, science and technology. It aims at theoretical and applied studies on dissemination, transfer and mediation of information. It covers research on: scientific, cultural and social information; informational behavior; reading; information competence; use of information in the various informational spaces of governance, productive sectors and of interest to society.

Permanent Docents:
Alegria Celia Benchimol
Aline Christian Pimentel Almeida Santos
Cristian Berrío Zapata
Danielly Oliveira Inomata
Hamilton Vieira de Oliveira
João Arlindo dos Santos Neto
Marise Teles Condurú
Renata Lira Furtado
Tania Chalhub de Oliveira
Vinicius Augusto Carvalho de Abreu

Research Interests: Information Organization
Registered, socialized and institutionalized information is considered the basic foundation for the construction of knowledge in the context of Information Science. The development of theoretical and applied references about the organization of information is emphasized. It addresses the organization of information and knowledge in the processes of representation, analysis, synthesis, retrieval, access, identification of scientific and organic information, in interdisciplinary relations with linguistics, communication, administration and computer science. It aims at the development of methodologies and theories applied to the instruments, processes and products of Information Science.

Permanent Docents:
Fernando de Assis Rodrigues
Franciele Marques Redigolo
Gilberto Gomes Cândido
João Batista Ernesto de Moraes
Mônica Tenaglia
Roberto Lopes dos Santos Junior
Thiago Henrique Bragato Barros