CONVENTION UFPA - TRF: Support for the implementation of the technology of digital curatorship in accordance with the model MOREQ-JUS  
Partnership: TRF 1st Region  
Objective: The agreement with the TRF 1st Region involves training public servants so that, with the guidance of professors from the PPGCI/FAARQ/UFPA, they can make a strategic diagnosis of the organization's archive, verify the requirements of the digitization process and create an action plan and follow-up to develop a re-engineering of processes and structures to meet the demands of the new standard.  
Duration: 2020-2021  

TERRAPLENA Project "Development and application of technologies for the sustainability of the urban solid waste collection and transportation service provision.
Partnerships: Civil Engineering (PPGEC/UFPA), School of Archivology (FAARQ/UFPA), School of Librarianship (FABIB/UFPA)  
Objective: The project aims to give advice on management of information structures and flows to the engineering company Terraplena, in charge of garbage collection in one of the districts of the city of Belém. The project allowed PPGCI to be awarded a master's scholarship and three PIBIC scholarships for the Faculties of Archivology and Librarianship.  
Duration: 2020-2021  

Tatuoca Magnetic Observatory Archive: preservation and digitalization of the physical record generated between 1957 and 2007 (Phase I and Phase II).  
Partnerships: School of Geophysics (FAGEOF/UFPA), National Observatory of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications.   
Objective: The project aims to digitize 50 years of reports from the Tatuoca Island Magnetic Observatory, generated since 1957. For 2020 it is expected to develop the musealization projects of the old equipment of the Observatory to create a permanent exhibition at the Goeldi Museum and to do historical research on the Observatory, contributing to the celebration of its 60th anniversary.  
Duration: 2018-Present  
Funding/Incentive: Federal University of Pará - Scholarship / National Observatory - Other  

Research and systematize information, study alternatives for universalization and propose instruments necessary for restructuring the basic sanitation sector in the State of Pará.  
Partnerships: Secretary of Urban Development and Public Works of Pará (SEIDURB/PA), Graduate Program in Civil Engineering (PPGEC/UFPA), Professional Master in Public Management PPGGP  
Objective: PPGCI collaborates, through Prof. Marise Teles Condurú (PPGCI/UFPA), with Prof José Almir R Pereira of the Hydraulics and Sanitation Research Group (GPHS), with PPGEC and PPGGP. The activities support SEIDURB in the "Development of the Design of the Sanitation Information System for the State of Pará" (2017-2018), and in the management of "Research and Development for the Preparation of Municipal Plans for Integrated Solid Waste Management for the State of Pará" (2017-2018).  
Duration: 2017