Reception and Safeguarding, by the Federal University of Pará, of the bibliographical, documental and multimedia collections of Professors Benedito and Maria Sylvia Nunes.
Objective: The project in its preliminary phase aims at the transfer of the collections to UFPA, the hygienization and inventorying of all the transferred material; the definition of organization and conservation standards for later availability for research on the themes covered by the collection or on its creators. Under the term multimedia, in the project's title, are contemplated collections of long and compact vinyl records, CDs, K7 tapes, VHS tapes, paintings and engravings.  
Place: Central Library - UFPA.
Coordinator: Hamilton Vieira de Oliveira
Faculty and students involved: 9 students
Duration: 2021-Present
Partnerships: Universidade Federal do Pará

Information, Reading and Citizenship at the Espaço Cultural Nossa Biblioteca, in the district of Guamá, Belém-PA.
Objective: To support, improve and intensify the actions developed by the Espaço Cultural Nossa Biblioteca - ECNB as a way to demonstrate that actions of the same nature may result in the improvement of the life condition of the people benefited (mainly children and adolescents), redefine their condition of citizenship exercise and positively change social indicators such as education and urban violence.  
Public: Community.
Place: Cultural Space Nossa Biblioteca.
Coordinator: Hamilton Vieira de Oliveira
Faculty and students involved: 6 students, 2 teachers  
Duration: 2018-2020
Partnerships: Espaço Cultural Nossa Biblioteca

Turma da Leitura Project.
Objective: Contribute, through reading, to the well-being of patients hospitalized with cancer at the Children's Oncological Hospital located in the municipality of Belém. Specific goals: a) Work reading to create ludic moments for the patients; b) Use reading as a therapeutic effect (bibliotherapy); c) Encourage the practice of reading; d) Give the opportunity to the students of the librarianship course to develop extension activities with the benevolent practice of reading; e) Bring the University closer to society.
Coordinator: Franciele Marques Redigolo
Activity: Reading for oncologic patients.
Public: Hospital patients.
Place: Children's Oncology Hospital in the city of Belém.
Related Research Group: Organization and representation in Archives and Libraries.
Faculty and students involved: 13 students, 1 teacher
Duration: 2017-2018