All students are registered through the Secretary in the mandatory courses, which are PPGCI0001 Research Methods Applied to the Social Sciences and PPGCI0002 Historical and Scientific Constitution of Information Science. For the other courses, which are optional, the student must enroll through SIGAA. In case of problems, please contact the Secretariat.

Always consult your advisor before enrolling in a course to ensure that it is in line with your project.

Some courses may change at the last minute, or new courses may be offered due to contingencies such as scholar visits or incidental collaborations. Check this tab frequently to find out.

If you wish to take a discipline in another UFPA graduate program, with your advisor's consent, follow these steps: contact the professor responsible for the discipline; request registration through SIGAA; inform the other PPG's coordination to approve the discipline in the system; finally, the PPGCI's coordination will approve it in SIGAA.